Healthy Schools

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Healthy Schools - Inspiring Healthier Lives and Happier Children

Our aim is simple: to support schools throughout Southend to improve health and well-being for pupils, staff, parents and carers in the wider school community.

The Healthy Schools programme was introduced by the government over 15 years ago. It has always been a voluntary programme yet has enjoyed almost universal engagement with local schools.

The programme’s main aims are;

  • to support children and young people in developing healthy behaviours;
  • to help to raise pupil achievement;
  • to help to reduce health inequalities;
  • to help promote social inclusion.

Almost all of Southend schools (98%) have achieved Healthy Schools Status.

To achieve this, they have satisfied certain criteria around PSHE, Healthy Eating, Physical Activity and Emotional Health and Wellbeing. This process has been supported by Healthy Schools Advisor (Lisa Holloway), dedicated to Southend schools.

The advisor works with many agencies and provides a network of support. The working partnership offered by the adviser enables schools to achieve and maintain Healthy Schools status.

Your school can work to gain Healthy School status by using our benchmarking tool which is a school specific self-evaluation tool, to help you demonstrate how you enhance school life through your health and wellbeing work. Completing the benchmarking tool will highlight areas on which to focus. Specific areas covered are PSHE, Healthy Eating, Physical Activity and Emotional Health and Wellbeing.

Once Healthy School Status has been achieved it will be revalidated every two years. To extend and strengthen Healthy School’s work schools can move on to achieve 'Enhanced Healthy Schools Status'



Enhanced Healthy Schools Status