Learning & Improvement (4-19)

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The Learning and Improvement Team (4-19) has been developed to deliver the Improving Learning Together strategy.

The Learning and Improvement Team can, through a process of negotiation with you, tailor-make services to suit your requirements as identified by your School Support Partner, self-evaluation or performance management. Alternatively, you might like to consider one or more of the areas identified below.

RAISEonline Analysis
With annual changes to RAISEonline some schools do not find it easy to understand the meaning and the full implications of their annual RAISEonline report. This service aims to address such a concern by working with staff and governors to analyse your RAISEonline data and provide a written report. The analysis is followed by an outline of the implications of the analysis, and any action which may be needed to address these implications.

Effective Classroom Observation
An opportunity to have your school’s observations externally verified. Select members of the Senior Leadership Team (or other staff) whom you wish to train, and identify an appropriate day for observation, and a number of lessons that could be observed.
We will provide a training day, beginning with clarification of expectations for Ofsted observations. This will be followed by ‘shadowed’ observations, with subsequent feedback and discussions with observers and those observed. This will provide opportunities to assess the observation focuses and quality of observations undertaken.

Writing a summary Self Evaluation Form (SEF)
The only document Ofsted is presently able to request prior to an inspection is a summary SEF. A member of the team can guide you in the key information to include by working with the Headteacher or senior leaders in school.

This service can be followed up with other services provided by the Learning and Improvement Team such as a ‘mock’ Ofsted inspection.



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