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County Lines Campaign: Request for Support

The third in our instalments of county lines campaigns launched yesterday to support the work of the children’s services teams in this area.


This campaign is aimed at high school children themselves.


It is still bold and hard-hitting, as per the previous two campaigns, but really focuses on how quickly these new “friends” can turn very nasty, and provides reassurance and support to anyone who has any information. Children will be able to tell us any information they have, completely anonymously, via a website that won’t track their IP or any other information. All information received will be followed up by the Children’s Services team. www.seethesigns.org.uk

I would like to ask you for your support with this campaign. Attached is the main artwork, and also a version sized to digital screens and PCs.

Would you please put this artwork up in your schools? Could we please use your screensavers?

An A4 poster will be sent out via the courier to secondary schools later this week/early next. Could  please display them prominently for all children to see.

Where else will the campaign material be placed?

At the cinema: the focal piece  of this campaign  is a video, which will be shown at The Odeon from 7 October until January in 12A, 15 and 18 certificate films.

Outdoors: Bus “super-sides,” and bus rears, digital bus stops around the borough

Schools: Screensavers on school PCs, posters in schools, digital screens in schools, workshops run by the children’s services teams in schools.
NHS: Posters in Southend hospital, doctors’ surgeries, pharmacies
Community: Entrances to South Essex Homes properties, community centres, clubs and groups
Social media: Snapchat, Instagram (minor piece on Facebook to re-target parents as the influencing audience)

The video can be viewed here. Brace yourselves, it is quite hard-hitting, but purposefully so, due to the need to cut through and have impact on this awful issue.  Recommend you turn the sound on for the full cinema experience.

Background to our previous county lines campaigns:
1.    The first campaign was aimed at parents, and was designed to educate them on how to spot the signs of criminal gangs targeting children. It generated a great deal of engagement, and intelligence was received to the dedicated support email address.

2.    The second was aimed at recreational drug users in the lead up to Christmas last year. It too generated much discussion online, with many people previously unaware that party drugs involved children moving drugs and money into and around the borough.


Also please take the time to watch the campaign video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vENf0FHLDSE  (this is same version that features on Snapchat, Instagram and at the Odeon).



Please contact Jocelyn (Joss) Astle on 01702 534343 or JocelynAstle@southend.gov.uk (please note Joss is available to help with regards to the campaign material)


If you would like to know more about the direct work of the campaign or anonymously report a concern please visit https://www.seethesigns.org.uk


Thank you so much for your continued support

09 Oct 2019

Lindsey Hamilton
The Learning Service
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