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Privacy Notices for all schools to issue for 2018-19 academic year
20 Mar
As you know, each year the DfE release privacy notices for schools to issue to all pupils. The attached privacy notice is the latest version which was issued by DfE in January 2018 in preparation for GDPR. We recommend that schools issue this notice in line with their usual privacy notice distribution for 2018/19 eg in contact books, via new starter packs or with other communications with parents. As usual, schools should issue this by the end of the Autumn Term 2018. This edition of the privacy notice has some gaps for schools to complete and some choices of paragraph for different types of school. The DfE have provided links to key guidance to aid schools in this. In terms of including the retention information, we recommend that schools include details of the link on their website to their retention policy rather than trying to replicate it in the privacy notice. The ICO has a link which will help schools populate the gaps in the privacy notice: There is also additional guidance via this link for all aspects of GDPR.
Education Offer Spring 2018
19 Mar
Please find attached the Museums Service Education Offers.
Our SEND Three Year Journey - Message from Brin Martin
16 Mar
Dear Colleagues Our SEND Three Year Journey For a number of reasons, it is now timely for us, schools, the Authority and other partners, to review our collective provision and support for learners with SEND. I was due to introduce the review at the Director’s Briefing recently, but it was unfortunately cancelled due to the snow. The matter was however raised at Education Board this week. The briefing formed part of an initial engagement involving critical partners, including headteachers, governors, strategic boards and external organisations. You may be aware that Education Board members are working hard to reduce the overspend in the High Needs Block, and to collectively put in place clear criteria that will ensure effective use of public funds in future. In addition, pressures such as the Area inspection; performance measures including EHCPs; collective capacity to meet the profile of learners with SEND in Southend; demographic changes and the removal of original grant money require this review and reshaping. Over the next three years, we will consider all elements of SEND provision and support, and reflect these in updated relevant and focussed strategic policy and documentation. Whilst the challenges are relatively clear, the solutions and priorities may not be, or are different for different groups. I stress we are at the start of this journey, and I am seeking your participation in contributing towards the roadmap that will follow this initial analysis. At Director’s Briefing I had planned to firstly share with you the attached mind map of SEND; and secondly seek your perspective on where we should start. I continue to use the word we. Collectively we share responsibility for the outcomes for learners with SEND, with different roles and accountabilities for their education. We will look at how these relationships align in order to best meet their needs. Not ideal, but could I ask you to consider the initial work that was planned for Director’s Briefing remotely? I am not sure calling a meeting at this stage in the term would be useful. I attached the mind map (its how I think I am afraid). The initial “branches” are the key areas of enquiry, splitting into more and more “twigs” depending upon the complexity of the areas. These areas are of interest to SEND, some strengths, some working reasonably, and others that require rapid attention. I recognise it may be difficult to access and interpret, but A3 printing is readable. Could I ask please that you consider this map in the flowing ways: • Firstly, starting with the branches at least: have I missed any areas out? Are any irrelevant? • Secondly, from either the branches or the twigs, from your perspective, what should be the initial and critical priorities for attention, bearing in mind they will be priorities not a wish list. If you are able to offer any input into this process before the end of term that would allow me to take it to the next phase. I am particularly interested in the prioritisation. Any feedback, verbal, telephone, email, annotated map would be welcomed. Thank you in anticipation Regards Brin
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Southend Governance Home Page
Welcome to the Southend Governance Resources Pages! These pages are for Information for Governors/ Trustees/ Directors, Chairs, Clerks and Headteachers.
Jobs in Schools
Welcome to the jobsinschools recruitment pages We are delighted that you are interested in working for a Southend school. In these pages you will find vacancies currently available in Southend schools, information about living and working in Southend and a page dedicated to NQT recruitment. Some schools choose to advertise independently so it is advisable to check the school websites for their current staff vacancies. New jobs are added to this site regularly School Information - if you are a school wishing to advertise a vacancy If you have a school job advert to post, please email the following information to : Advert School Input Form (download here) School Photo (if required) Application Form, Person Specification and Job Description (if required) If you require any further support please contact Jane Elson on 01702 215456.
Early Years Resources
Welcome to the Early Years Resources Page. The Early Years Service is responsible for quality and sufficiency across early years provision, delivered through service level agreements with national 3rd sector organisations Pre-school Learning Alliance (PSLA) and Professional Association for Childcare in the Early Years (PACEY).Commissioning the network of Children’s Centre across the BoroughProviding quality and development support to early years settings and providers including day nurseries, pre-schools, independent and maintained school nurseries, registered childminders and out of school clubs.Working with local providers to ensure sufficiency of early years provisionCoordinating the provision of targeted 2 yr old funding, 15 hours universal 3 & 4 year funding and the additional 15 hours funding for working parents.Workforce planning and development, including the analysis of the supply, demand and skills base of the children’s workforce.Providing continuous professional development opportunities for the early years workforceCoordinating Marvellous minders specialist childminding service for children with complex additional needs
Southend NQT Resources
We are really pleased that you have chosen Southend-on-Sea to embark on your teaching career. We welcome you and encourage you to make the most of your induction period to support and develop the bridge between your initial teacher training and your first year of teaching. As the Appropriate Body for your school, Southend Borough Council are responsible for making sure that your induction is in line with Statutory Guidance and is a successful start to your career as a Teacher. Your registration and termly assessments are all undertaken on the Southend Learning Network (SLN) NQT module. Once you have been registered by your school you will receive e-mails from the SLN when you are required to access your assessment forms. Assessments forms are completed and returned to the Appropriate Body at the end of each term. The NQT Induction Handbook information to support you through the process of induction and it is strongly recommending that you read the paper copy provided by your mentor. An electronic copy can be found in the resources section. We hope that you will find this site to be a useful resource and look forward to working with you over the coming months and years.